Leon Logan

Leon Logan
Date of birth: Jan 17, 1926
Dates of Service: February 1944 to May 1946
Hometown: Sweetwater, Texas
Theater and location of service: Florida
Branch: Army Air Corps
Rank: Corporal
Unit and specialty: Training school
Lives in: Logan

In his words: Logan left school at 18 to join the Army as an air cadet in the hope of flying. At that time, the Air Corps was saturated with flying recruits and he was reassigned as a radioman. Attending training, he sought a transfer, still hoping to serve from the air. After some time he received acceptance to attend gunnery school.

Logan said the first time his group flew as a bomber crew they experienced and unforgettable landing. As they were coming in to land, one of the engines caught fire — “those things were flying gas tanks,” he said. As they approached for landing, they were told to jump out and roll away as soon as they stopped moving. No one was hurt.

Using his G.I. Bill to fund his education, he received a degree in business administration and accounting, leading him to a career in management.

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