2/3 amos

Editor’s note: Amos is a church mouse, unable to use the keyboard shift keys and unschooled in the art of punctuation.

alphabetic amos

boss i shoulda
known better my
momma told me to
never play around
kitchen stoves i
shoulda known
better but i did
it anyway

marcellus the big
fat cat was at it
again first chasing
all the rats scattering
the gnats and disturbing
the two bats in the belfry
then quicker than
veg-o-matic can dice
he turned his beady
eyes to us mice

the race was on boss
without thinking i
scurried across the
floor to the closest
appliance – the stove –
diving under it i then
mountain-climbed up
its backside

meanwhile marcellus
was seriously
contemplating a leap
to the top

the moment his paws
left the floor i jumped
into the nearest pot
it wasn t empty boss
i had landed in the
middle of alphabet
soup and found myself
swimming around
the p s and q s

marcellus apparently
lost my scent among
the soup but i wasn t
about to tell him
soon he wandered
away wondering where
his little gray prey
had gone

life however wasn t
getting much better
in the soup bowl boss

carrot chunks and
green peas kept
slapping me in the
face – where s bugs
bunny when you need
him says me to nobody
in particular

the more i splashed
around the a b c s and
1 2 3 s the more convinced
i became of a conspiracy

the letters are out to
get me says me deliriously
for abusing their literacy
rearranging their
conformity and dispersing
their uniformity

but i did it in the name
of creativity says me
can t you give me some
credit for religious
just as an n and o
thumped me in the nose

then g-e-t and o-u-t
floated by my eyes
and g-o-a-w-a-y
attacked my tail

did you guys fall off
an ouija board says me
or am i just hallucinating
among the peas and veggies

the soup was getting the
best of me boss i felt
sure the word d-r-o-w-n
rippled in front of my
mousy mouth but who
could be sure of anything
in a wordy bowl like this
question mark here boss

just then i saw g-o-d
attached to a couple of
huge potato chunks and i
hopped up on them just
long enough to throw my
front paws over the edge
of the pot and out I jumped
thankful for the name of god
and his divine intervention

boss i don t know if life is
like a bowl of soup – but it
sure helps to keep god s name
handy – you never can tell when
you may need to call on him