Citizen raises stink over dead animal

A dog lies along south Prince Street near Kimberly Drive Tuesday as motorists head north into Clovis. (CNJ staff photo: Eric Kluth)

By Tonya Garner: CNJ staff writer

The hairy, stiff canine lies beside a large, fallen tree branch on south Prince Street.

Clovis resident Katherine Medrano travels the south end of Prince Street several times daily in her commute to Clovis Community College.

“This dead dog has been there since my kids got out of school for Christmas break around Dec. 20,” Medrano said. “I think it’s sick that it has just been left like that.”

She said the dead dog was obviously struck by a vehicle. “It looks like it might have been a yellow-colored lab,” Medrano said.

The mother of three said she has often seen city street sweepers and animal control officers cleaning in the vicinity, but the corpse of the yellow dog remains. “I just want to know who’s responsible for this little area of highway.”

Not the county, and not the city, officials said on Tuesday.
County Road Superintendent Danny Davis said the area of highway Medrano is talking about is county-owned and it is a common misconception among residents of the area that animal removal is the road department’s responsibility.

“I get phone calls all the time about picking up dead animals,” Davis said, “and it’s not our (road department) job.” The superintendent said he believes the dog’s owner should take responsibility for removal and burial.

Louisa Maestas, Clovis Animal Shelter supervisor, said animal control is only responsible for dead animals within the city limits.

“We will go pick up strays with the sheriff department’s approval,” Maestas said, “but we cannot pick up dead animals outside city limits.”

Medrano said she thinks the county should take responsibility for the removal of dead animals because it is unsightly.

“I bet if an important public official was coming to town, then that poor dog would get a proper burial,” she said.