1/31 Letters to the editor

Wage increase will help reduce poverty
I am writing in response to State Rep. Anna Crook’s declaration that bringing the minimum wage up to $7.50 will hurt the economy. This kind of thinking only proves that she is not in touch with reality.

Increasing the minimum wage will help reduce poverty in New Mexico. New Mexicans work in jobs paying at or below minimum wage more than any other state in the union.

A full-time worker paid $7.50 an hour would earn a pre-tax income of about $15,600, which is only slightly above the federal poverty threshold of $13,020 for a single parent with one child but below the $19,157 poverty level for a family of four.

Low-income families in Clovis face a real hardship regarding the higher than ever costs of living. Even with the higher minimum wage, a decent standard of living is not ensured. Over the past decade, a mounting body of economic research has found that increases in the minimum wage have resulted in no discernible job losses.

Republicans like Anna Crook are not representing the average citizen, but are, instead, standing behind big business that does not want to see its bottom line reduced. Increasing the minimum wage is something that has to be done, not only because it is necessary in this day and age of high costs, but because it’s the right thing to do.

Connie Belcher

Columnist no good at political analysis
Please give Helena Rodriguez some direction in her growth as an editorial writer. She doesn’t have a clue when it comes to political editorial writing.

When she takes a political position, as in her recent diatribe against President Bush (Friday’s CNJ), she hops from point to point without establishing a basis for those points, and without connecting the dots.

Additionally, Rodriguez doesn’t know what she is talking about. She simply parrots media headlines using sound bites from political leaders with their own election agendas.

I am really tired of trivial Bush bashing. Bush isn’t an actor. The actor president was Ronald Reagan. Rodriguez probably doesn’t know about him, but he is still considered one of our greatest leaders.

Rodriguez is often an insightful and amusing editorial writer, but political analysis isn’t her arena. A seventh-grade civics class could do a better job. Rodriguez needs to stay with home and hearth and develop her writing in what she does best.

Carolyn Spence

Rodriguez column right on mark
I highly applaud Helena Rodriguez’s views in Friday’s CNJ.

As far as I am concerned, she hit the nail right on the head. King George will not admit that he did the wrong thing for all the wrong reasons. He can only condemn his critics for aiding the enemy by publicly criticizing the great commander in chief.

A great majority of the American people are extremely dissatisfied with President Bush’s policies.

Bill Lee