1/22 Letters to the editor

Taxpayers ultimately fund schools
The Jan. 10 school board meeting, as reported by the Clovis News Journal, again leaves this citizen very uneasy about the pathway our school system is being taken down.

True, every issue has two sides to it and sometimes it is difficult to determine which side is best. However, when 75 percent of your teachers view an issue one way (in favor of block scheduling), to me, that is pretty good odds that is the side to go with.

Once again, the wishes of the majority are foregone for purposed cost savings. Yet it was announced that $538,815 will be spent on a new practice hall for the band.

I understand the new hall is needed; however, are we not experiencing a serious cash flow problem requiring the closing of schools and the changing of preferred class schedules in order to save money?

This old country boy finds that very hard to understand.

Oh yes, I am well aware of the shell game called pots of money, but when all is said and done, it comes from one pot — the taxpayers’ pockets.

John Prater

Community help made carolers success
In reply to the kind words from Nell Morris and other residents of our area, I would like to say thank you. I am from “Joni’s Sandia Carolers.” We caroled for the Cheyenne meadows area in which we live and for our local retirement homes.

The children were excited to hear their voices were heard and enjoyed. That was our goal, as we will do every year possible. The children practiced for 2 1/2 months in my home every Wednesday, and then on some Thursdays as well. They worked very hard to get their songs down. They dedicated their time and energy knowing our reward was the look of joy on folks’ faces for Christmas.

I would like to thank each and every one of them for their hard work: Kourtney, Anthony Kaley and Brady Harlin, Jon Romero, Connie Madina, and Raheem Cooper.

Also, thanks to the feed store for lending us hay to make our hay ride on the trailer more comfortable, and a bit warmer, as they did last year. We all decorated this from bits and pieces of lights we could dig up.

Also, thanks to those who provided the beautiful T-shirts.

Hopefully next year we can go to more homes. This year we had a little trailer trouble and were delayed. I do all the practices and Tereasa Harlin, a parent and a friend, helped decorate and helped chaperone the children

Thanks to all who let us know we were heard and made someone happy. This surely made us all want to do it again!!

Joni Anthony

Visitors ill-treated at detention center
I have addressed this jail issue before and it has only gotten worse since Don Burdine left as administrator.

One of the recent changes is that visitors are forced to wait outside in the cold when before they were permitted to wait inside. Why subject visitors to this when they must get there early to start the visiting process?

Visitors are also subjected to an ill-mannered female employee who seems to enjoy taking her hostilities out on them.

The most recent insult was Wednesday when my wife went to visit her son and had to wait 45 minutes before she was informed that he had lost his visiting privileges. Why was she not told sooner and why subject all visitors to such ill treatment?

I have been to other jails, even in New Mexico, and never been treated with such disdain as visitors face here.

John Frey