1/20 amos

Editor’s note: Amos is a church mouse, unable to use the keyboard shift keys and unschooled in the art of punctuation.

making way for good news

boss i have been
concerned lately about
my friend tommy
tarantula and the state
of his soul – and i
don t want to get into
a big theological
debate about whether
we animals have souls
or not – is that okay
boss question mark

anyway i was praying
about how to communicate
the gospel to him and i
just decided the best
way was to go visit him
and tell him that i didn t
care if he was a tarantula
that jesus loves him and
wants to set him free from
his sins and give him life
throughout eternity

so off i started to see
my friend when i found
myself cornered by a
fiend – that snarling
grumpy cuss of a cat
marcellus with all the
manners and charm of
a vampire bat

well boss marcellus
had me penned there
was no place for me
no way to fend

my only hope was to go
right past his nose
straight between his
toes to a tiny beckoning
hole in the wall just
barely big enough for
a little gray mouse
tail and all

here i was stranded boss
nowhere to go
my world only a tiny hole
guarded by the gloomy
face of my fiercest foe

then i remembered what
the great oliver owl
uttered during his discourse
to us one sunday night in
the church pew underworld

he was talking about
philippians one-twelve
where the apostle paul was
writing to his beloved
philippians from a roman
prison cell – not unlike my
own present predicament boss –

at any rate he was
assuring those folks that
the circumstances in
which he found himself
were contributing to – rather
than hindering – the advance
of the gospel

it says in that passage
oliver said that the things
that have happened to him
have fallen out rather to
the furtherance of the gospel

anyway boss this word
furtherance oliver said
comes from a greek word
that was used in the first
century to refer to a company
of wood cutters going before
an army and cutting a road
through the forest so the
army can advance

so you see oliver hooted
paul said his circumstances
were divine wood cutters
cutting a way through the
opposition so the gospel
might be advanced


p s – boss i m not sure
if it s clear how circumstances
can be divine wood cutters or
how i m going to get away
from the hairy clutches of
marcellus but i ll have to
wait till next time to finish
my tale – how s that for a
suspenseful cliffhanger
question mark