12/29 Student Profile

Benjamin Mousseau is a senior at the Clovis High School. He is the son of Sheryl and Marcel Mousseau.

Who is invited to your fantasy dinner and why? Charles Darwin to discuss the theory of evolution, Plato to discuss the theories of life, and Jesus Christ to discuss religion.

What is so great about your favorite sport? The greatest thing about football is the camaraderie between the players on the team.

What do you envision your life being like in 10 years? I envision myself in a successful career, living in a nice home on the East Coast with family, enjoying life.

Tell us about your greatest individual accomplishment: Hiking through the Grand Canyon in two days.

What is your greatest fear? I will not appreciate what life has to offer completely.

Offices held: Mock Trial President, Student Council Representative

Honors received: Twice inducted into Who’s Who Among American High School Students, High School honor roll

School activities: Football, mock trial, Rotary Club, Close-up, Model United Nations, Model United States Senate

Church/community activities: Volunteering

Hobbies: Football, politics, hanging out with friends, computers, traveling

Future plans: Pursue a chemical engineering degree

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