Friend says accident victim dedicated wife

By Andy Jackson: CNJ staff writer

She was a good neighbor, devoted to her husband. That’s how friends described Delores Jacks, 71, who was killed while crossing the street on Monday night.

Officials said a Clovis police officer was driving the car that killed Jacks at 12th and Mitchell streets. An investigation into the accident is ongoing.

“She (Jacks) was a wonderful lady. I’d see her every day taking out her trash. … I miss her,” neighbor Wilma Stotts said.

Stotts, 58, said Jacks welcomed her to the neighborhood two months ago, when no one else had.
“She was the only one in the neighborhood who greeted us,” Stotts said.

“She was healthier than I am. She walked real good and got around good.”

Jacks was a loving person and cared for her husband who was confined to an electric wheel-chair, Stotts said.
“She (Jacks) was always getting him food and taking care of him. … She bought him two shirts from my garage sale. They looked happy. They’d sit out on their porch and wave on warm days,” Stotts said.

Employees at a nearby convenience store on Mitchell street said Jacks was a regular customer.

“She’d come in almost every night and buy dinner,” one employee said.

Neighbor Joe Garcia said Jacks was carrying dinner across the street for her husband when she was hit.
Garcia said Jacks’ husband screamed her name from his wheelchair in the aftermath.

“This is so sad. I’m going to try and make sure he (Jacks’ husband) is alright,” Garcia said.