12/13 Letters to the editor

Clovis folk conservative, not ignorant
Regarding Joshua Fallaw’s letter to the editor in the Dec. 11 paper:

It seems he recently relocated from Austin, Texas, to Clovis and is concerned about the lack of liberal news and/or observations.

He found that a column by Amy Alkon, which ran in the CNJ, was entertaining and expressed surprise at the negative responses it evoked from local residents.

He said the Alkon piece was “…a little racy for the citizens of this burg…” He allowed that “…small towns are insular and conservative…” He stated that one of his former hometown papers, the Austin American-Statesman, might be considered an “…ultra-liberal hippie rag…”

I agree that some Clovis citizens might regard the Statesman as an ultra-liberal rag, because indeed it is. His stand that Clovis is a “burg” offers proof of his disdain for all things not ultra-liberal.

If he remains in Clovis long enough he will discover great numbers of the citizenry are, in a positive sense, sophisticated, well-educated and discriminating. The townspeople simply choose to be reserved rather than blatantly broadcast every thought that passes through their minds.

Fallaw’s Austin is one of the primary cesspools of ultra-liberalism. It is the black hole that absorbs light, but fails to emit lumination. In Austin, one is not an entertainer unless he/she sings through the nose, takes beer intraveneously and smokes a pound of pot a day.

Lighten up, Joshua Fallaw. The folks of Clovis are quite special. Their notion of being hip is unquestionably different from yours, but haven’t you heard?

That’s what makes life interesting.

I am not a current resident of Clovis, but a previous one. I have family still living there. I am a current resident of Texas and I am familiar with many of the nuances of Texas residency.

Merry Christmas, Joshua Fallaw — and to each of the good people of Clovis.

James L. Jensen
Katy, Texas

Lack of patriots led to lack of Christmas
Regarding the article “Merry Christmas menus recalled” in Friday’s CNJ:

Who are the grinches who came up with the idea of not being able to display Merry Christmas?

Seems to me that all of the good slogans that pertain to holidays — or the “In God We Trust” on our money — are taking hits from all these grinches.

I think this is a shame that slogans, pledges, displays, etc., are against people’s religion. That is too bad, as all of this has been around many, many years — a lot longer than some of these grinches have been alive.

This all started when the main grinch had prayer in school abolished.

Seems like giving in to the main grinch allowed more grinches to come up with their own ideas of different things to abolish/do away with.

Why are these grinches being so successful? Because the number of truly patriotic people are declining as the years go by.

Just observe people at a parade when the flag goes by. How many remove hats, put their hands over their hearts and stand tall? Careful observation will show that the majority are older to elderly people. These people have lived through rough/tough periods and they are the ones who are patriotic.

Americans need to wake up before all is lost due to invading people of fanatical beliefs.

H.M. Richards