12/11 Letters to the editor

Liberals want reading material, too
I recently moved to this lovely little town from Austin, Texas. Of course I understand that small towns are often insular and conservative, but I have been highly disappointed by the fact that even the local newspaper provides no break in the routine. For a moderate liberal like me, it is pretty frightening to read a newspaper that makes the Austin American-Statesman look like an ultra-liberal hippie rag. I shudder to think of how people here would react to the Austin Chronicle! They would probably burn it.

An example would be the comments on the editor’s Web log concerning Amy Alkon (“The Goddess of Perspective”). I had never read Alkon’s column before discovering the blog. After hearing the shock and outrage from most of those who commented on the column, I just had to go check it out at the helpful link provided. I found that I was missing a very funny and lighthearted column.

Sure, the content might be a little racy for the citizens of this burg, but it provides a little needed change for the youth, or even 30-something tree-huggers like me.

I would say to those parents who are afraid of the impact Alkon’s column might have on their children, “Hey, at least they are reading!”

I am glad you carry Alkon’s column and look forward to reading it. I admit I have not been purchasing the paper for the simple fact that I find little in it that interests me, other than the occasional article about state politics.

I know the majority of your readers are conservative Christians, but please think of the children, and even the liberals! Please include more content of interest to us! How about more national and world news? The fine men and women at Cannon Air Force Base might appreciate that.

Joshua Fallaw

Caged animals have committed no crime
The only problem with the inmate’s argument (Dec. 4 letter) that he’s better than zoo animals is that zoo animals are caged, usually for a life term, without committing any crimes.

Injustice is injustice, no matter what creatures suffer as a result.

Ardeth Baxter
Santa Fe

Community support made play success
A huge thanks to the community of Clovis, our surrounding communities, and Clovis Community College for unwavering support of Lincoln-Jackson Arts Academy’s, “The Nutcracker.”

The sold-out performances were reflective of your school and community support for public education and the arts. The attendance, spirit of enthusiasm and words of accolade were so appreciated.

We look forward to seeing more supporters at the spring opera and Nutcracker 2006.

Shelly Norris
Lincoln-Jackson Arts Academy principal

‘Merry Christmas’ missing from season
I was shopping in Clovis and twice I got a “Happy holidays” — one from a clerk and one from a guy out front.

I felt sad it was not “Merry Christmas.”

Of course it’s too late this year, but if I don’t see a “Christmas” in the window, I don’t buy gifts there.

If others will join me, we just might out shout the small minority.

Martin Lewis