12/2 amos

Editor’s note: Amos is a church mouse, who types by hopping on the computer keyboard, but he can’t operate the capital shift, and he shuns punctuation marks, except dashes and hyphens.

monkey talk

boss i can t help but
marvel at the mess you
humans often get into
just judging by the
stories in your

it reminds me of a
poem i stumbled
across the other day
in one of pastor leroy
beetle s old sermon
illustration books

it went something
like this

three monkeys sat in a
coconut tree
discussing things that
are said to be
said one to the other
now listen you two
there s a certain rumor
that can t be true
that man descended from
our noble race
the very idea is a disgrace

no monkey ever
deserted his wife
starved her babies
and ruined her life
and you ve never known
a mother monk
to leave her babies with
others to bunk
or pass them on from
one to the other
till they scarcely knew
who is their mother

and another thing
you ll never see
a monk build a fence
around a coconut tree
and let the coconuts
go to waste
forbidding all other
monks to taste
why if i put a fence
around a tree
starvation would force
you to steal from me

here s another thing
a monk won t do
go out at night and
get in a stew
or use a gun club or knife
to take some other
monkey s life
yes man may have descended
the ornery cuss
but brother he didn t
descend from us

boss it looks like
humankind has been getting
some bad press – and
rightly deserved – would say
some of the rats snakes
flies and cockroaches
among us

however the great thing is
that none of us – neither
mice monkeys nor men –
is beyond god s love and
forgiveness both of which
leads to the point
of redemption

p s – speaking of redemption
i ve told you this before boss
but life ain t easy under a
cushionless church pew
i went to redeem my
mighty mouse cheeses-of-
the-world-in-a-can coupon
at sara spider s underground
discount store but found out
it had expired two days ago
then i nearly expired myself

boss such a tragedy in my
life certainly makes me
grateful that there s no
expiration date on souls –
after all as one of our great
church pew underworld
philosophers used to say –
where there s cheese
there s life and
where there s life
there s always hope