Country singer looks for wife with rolling billboard

By Tonya Garner: CNJ staff writer

Clovis resident Ann Morrison stood Friday in the parking lot of S&S Supermarket, eyes trained on the blond man crooning from atop a tour bus.

Country singer Brian Stace made a stop in Clovis to promote his new CD. The blue-eyed Wisconsin native is also seeking a wife. His 40-foot, black bus features the question, “Who wants to marry Brian Stace?” in large letters along with a photo featuring his light-blue eyes.

Stace refers to it as “the rolling bachelor billboard.” Although it is an odd way to meet people, Stace said he is seriously looking to get married.

“I function best when I have a good partner with me,” Stace said. “It calms me down.” He said he would like to meet someone easy-going with a great sense of humor.

“I also want her to be motivated to achieve her goals and dreams,” Stace said.

According to Stace, hundreds of women have applied but he hasn’t had time to decide due to his busy travel schedule.
Morrison said Stace’s looks definitely meet her criteria for a dream guy, but she plans to stick with her husband of 18 years.

Her 11-year-old daughter Briana said she enjoyed the singer’s music but wasn’t interested in marrying him either. The blonde sixth-grader said she just didn’t think he was that cute.

“Plus I am only 11,” she said.

Stace performed four songs along with his three-piece band to a crowd of approximately 20. He was decked out in ripped and faded blue jeans, a sleeveless black T-shirt and sunglasses.

Morrison said she came because she heard about it on the radio and was curious. The performer closed the show with a song entitled “Baby Take Your Clothes Off, Daddy’s Coming Home.” The small crowd responded to the song with catcalls, claps and whistles.

Stace ended the event by selling T-shirts, CDs and posters.
“I enjoyed the show,” Morrison said. “I think he will do well.”