Johnnie Bollinger

Sharna Johnson: CNJ Staff

Editor’s note: World War II officially ended Sept. 2, 1945, when the Japanese signed surrender terms. We’re honoring the war’s area veterans over the next several months with these brief profiles.

Johnnie Bollinger

Date of birth: May 14, 1926

Dates of service: 1944 to 1946

Hometown: Portales

Lives in: Clovis

Theater and location of service: South Pacific

Branch: Navy

Rank: 2nd Class

Unit and specialty: USS Lycoming APA155, cook

Veterans organizations: VFW 3015

In his words: Hearing his father’s Naval stories from World War I all his life, Bollinger didn’t hesitate when the time came to volunteer for World War II. Had his father given permission he would have entered the service sooner he said. “I remembered Pearl Harbor and that made me kind of mad, I wasn’t old enough then, a lot of my friends were older and they were going off. I wanted to go, too.”

Stationed on the USS Lycoming, Bollinger had two responsibilities. Onboard ship he served as a cook, preparing food for and feeding at times up to 4,000 people. He also served as crew member on landing barges, which were able to carry 21 men and a jeep to the beaches throughout the South Pacific.

“After the war, we started going around to those islands and picking up soldiers waiting to come home. We’d pull up and they’d come out of the jungles, standing there waiting as far as the eye could see.”

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