How many things in life have you found to be easy?

By Curtis K. Shelburne

I have found some things in life to be really very, very easy.

Gaining weight is easy.

Spending more money than you make is really easy.

Allowing your attitude to get really sour is really easy.

Catching colds.

Watching your automotive fleet slowly disintegrate right before your eyes.

Over-committing in just about any or every area.

Getting your priorities out of order.

All easy. All unpleasant and negative, yes, but all easy.

Just about everything about life, it seems to me, is easy — except everything that matters, everything that you want to last, everything that is really important. And if any of that stuff is easy, I haven’t found it yet.

I don’t mean to be negative but, if you were to ask me now that I’m 48 years old, what one of my biggest surprises in life was since I launched out on my own at 18 or so, I would say, “I’m still kind of surprised to have found that life is really harder than I ever thought it would be.”

Now I hasten to say that I’m probably more thankful for life than ever.

I’ve also been surprised to find out how very good and how very joyful the very best parts of life really are.

I’ve been surprised to find how much joy God has infused into even the small blessings he puts in our lives every day, and I thank him every day for the gift of life and all blessings.

Nonetheless, at 48, I’m still a bit surprised to have found out how hard it is — even though I know I’ve been very blessed.

Thanks to the Author of all life, I’ve found life to be very, very good but I’ve not found it to be very easy, have you? Really, I’d like to know.

Isn’t it interesting how many millions of people have made the trip through this life? However, though I hope we are wise enough to profit from experience, we still each have to make it through ourselves.

So, I’m asking: You who’ve gone further and lived longer and have had the time to gain more wisdom than have I, what worthwhile parts of life, if any, have you found to be easy?

I don’t know how you’ll answer but I know a few things that won’t make anybody’s easy list.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was something really easy about building a great marriage? Or about raising great kids? Or doing a great job at work? Or even keeping the yard looking great, and the bank account okay, and the house in good shape.

Oh, did I mention, you’re supposed to do all that and much more very well at the very same time? Good luck.

Some things are easy, lots of things are not, but nobody is better acquainted with life’s inherent difficulty than the Father for whom loving his sons and daughters cost the finest Son of all.

In this life, what is God’s job and what is our job?

A very wise Christian lady once put it this way: “God’s job is to work; our job is to trust.” If you think that sounds easy, you haven’t tried trusting. It’s not easy. But if we do our job in life and let God do his, life is much, much better!