10/21 Public Record

The following marriages licenses were compiled from court records from Oct. 12 through Oct. 19:
• Orson Keith Thompson, 29, to Anna Marie Dominguez, 27, both of Colorado Springs, Colo.
• Roy Lee Turley, 73, to Mary Jones Turner, 63, both of Lockney, Texas
• Gilbert Phillip Garcia, 52, to Sharon June Taylor, 48, both of Clovis
• Gregori John Trojon, 21, to Iliana Gonzales-Pagan, 22, both of Clovis
• Timothy Michael Varner, 27, to Tabitha Nicole Bartley, 22, both of Lubbock
• Jason Scott Renfro, 29, to Edie Gay Longley, 40, both of Clovis
• Jesus Jose Gonzales, 31, to Jana Jo Burrow, 39, both of Clovis
• Jacob Daniel Vasquez, 19, to Brielle Storm Mares, 18, of Clovis
• Tony Arthur Contreras, 19, to Vanessa Louise Garcia, 19, both of Clovis

The following divorces were compiled from court records from Oct. 12 through Oct. 19 :
• Nicole Vega from Alejandro Vega
• Jace Douglas Burger from Tamera Renee Burger
• Miranda Jones from Reginald Jones
• Linda Chriss from Steven Arthur Chriss Jr.
• James Lee Broome from Angelique Broome
• Antonia Avita from Aron Domingo
• Wendy Lopez from Gilbert Lopez
• Mary Kathleen Potter from Orie Sylvester Potter
• Norma Segovia from Eladio Segovia