Parents fail to teach common courtesies

CNJ Readers

The article in Sunday’s Clovis News Journal concerning the manners of the American people hit the nail right on the head. It served as a reminder to today’s younger people why us older people keep wishing for a return of yesteryear when humans treated humans like humans.

Why are people so rude today? The article brought it out like a shining star: P arents are failing to teach their kids common courtesies.

The way we were taught in my family was usually with a swat across the face or some other anatomical target. It didn’t take us long to remember to hold open the door for the person behind us or to give an elderly person our seat on the bus. If we did forget, Lord knows we began ducking immediately. And gestures from a car? There was no such thing because the 1960s hadn’t arrived yet.

But that won’t happen today because parents are afraid of being hit with a child-abuse lawsuit. It would be nice if our laws conformed more to the Bible than to the whims of civil rights organizations so we wouldn’t be afraid of sparing the rod in order for our kids to grow up with manners.

Bill Sconone

Charity has to begin in our neighborhood

Our neighbors need help. The local programs that assist area families and individuals in need have experienced a drop in their regular contributions.

The communities of Curry and Roosevelt counties have been generous in assisting the survivors of the Gulf Coast disasters. However, our local needs have not gone away.

We need donations to help sustain the agencies and their programs that receive funding through our local United Way.

The United Way of Eastern New Mexico’s fund-raising campaign will enable these worthwhile programs to continue assisting our neighbors in need through 2006 and beyond. We need this community to help us reach our 2005–06 campaign goal of $482,005.

All donations — 100 percent of them — stay in Curry and Roosevelt counties where they are needed.

This year the UWENM is funding numerous programs. Some of the agencies involved include: Shelter for Victims of Domestic Violence, Salvation Army, Oasis Child Advocacy, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Roosevelt County Literacy Council, CASA, Clovis and Portales Meals on Wheels, and Habitat for Humanity of Roosevelt and Curry Counties.

Call the United Way at 769-2103 for additional information.
Local contributions do make a difference, whether it is $5 or $5,000.

Dianna Thompson
Campaign chair, UWENM