10/9 Letters to the editor

‘No’ men no more patriotic than ‘yes’ men
Space limitations needed to rebut the letter by Kirby Rowan prohibit an extensive analysis. But it does need to be rebutted!

Briefly stated, to agree with this president on every issue (as a “yes” man) may not be the definition of patriotism, but disagreement with him on every issue isn’t patriotic either! In fact one position is as ignorant as the other.

If President Bush came out tomorrow and said recent studies have shown the sky is blue, 15 congressional Democrats and several special-interest groups would come out and say his conclusion is based on flawed information or that he is lying.

My observation is that nothing he does will please them; ever!

In point of fact: Our military action in Iraq is necessary, and was brought on by years of the situation being ignored by the international community. It is clear that Saddam Hussein had WMDs, if not at the time of the invasion, certainly in times past. It was his refusal, over years of time, to cooperate with United Nations inspectors that led U.S. military analysts to believe WMDs were present, in Iraq, at the time of the invasion.

If President Bush came to the conclusion that they existed, based on military intelligence and CIA and British Intelligence information, then he didn’t lie — he simply reached a logical conclusion based on the best information available at the time. That information turned out to be incorrect.

That is quite different than a lie.

While I respect Rowan’s right to dissent, (I certainly have disagreed with my government and this president) at the very least some effort should be made to discern the truth of a position rather than just falling into lock step with a group or political party.

Nathan McCreery

All drivers should respect rules of road
It’s unbelievable the number of times I have seen drivers driving without headlights on in the dark, rain, fog, or snow.

After questioning several people who drive without headlights as to why, I receive the same answer: “I could see.”

They fail to understand they can’t be seen.

We have drivers in the passing lane going under the speed limit so they can talk on cell phones, and people blocking driveways to have conversations.

When did people decide once they receive their driver’s license they no longer had to abide by the rules of the road?

Mary Weigl