10/6 Student Profiles

Mollie Peterson
Mollie Peterson is a senior at Clovis Christian School. She is the daughter of Tim and Kim Peterson.

What’s so great about your favorite sport? Golf is it is a sport that makes you always want to come back and play again because you know you can always do better. One of the reasons I play is to be a Christian example to my competitors and let God shine through me during the round.

Tell us about your greatest individual accomplishment? My freshman year at the district golf tournament, I approached the 14th hole par-3 at Lovington Country Club with a pitching wedge in my hand. As soon as I struck the ball, I knew I hit well, but I never in a million years thought that it would be that good. The ball hit the bottom flag stick and immediately dropped into the bottom cup. So I fulfilled one of my wildest dreams: a hole in one.

What is your favorite smell? I can’t quite decide what my favorite smell is, but I know it’s between these two things: The smell of my mom’s homemade bread or the smell of rain.

What do you envision your life being like in 10 years? I hope I’ll already be married and have a few children. I want to be working as a dental hygienist and be active in church.

What’s your favorite TV show, past and present? “I Love Lucy” and “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.”

Office held: Secretary of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Honors received: National Honor Society member, All ‘A’ Honor role, Who’s Who Among American High School students

School activities: Volleyball, basketball, golf, yearbook, science Bowl

Church/community activity: Youth group, Texico student ministries, Prairie Team

Hobbies: Golfing, playing the djembe.

Future plans: Go to college and play golf. Get a degree in dental hygiene. Get married to a godly man and raise up a family centered around Christ.

J.T. Berry
J.T. Berry is a senior at Clovis High School. He is the son of Glenn Berry and Barbara St. John.

Tell us about your pets: My pets are all reptiles, in fact they are all turtles. I have 50 box turtles in my back yard, three red-eared slider water turtles, and a young red-eared slider named Paulie in my room.

What’s your favorite TV show, past and present? My favorite TV show would probably have to be either “Mail Call” or “Family Guy.”

Who is your favorite entertainer? Tom Hanks and Harrison Ford are my two favorite actors.

What’s your favorite part about school? Probably my favorite thing about school is getting to see my friends and hang out in my aunt’s room.

What is your most prized possession? My collection of World War II stuff and of course my Star Wars collection.

Honors received: Who’s Who Among American Scholars.
School activities: Art club

Hobbies: Draw, build models, video games, hang out with friends.

Future plans: Graduate high school and go to college for a degree in some form of arts, probably graphic design or fine arts.

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