9/9 view from under the pew

Editor’s note: Amos, our erstwhile churchmouse poet, bumped into bertie woeworm last week, who was bemoaning the “sad state” of his life. Being a churchmouse, Amos is unable to use the keyboard shift keys and is unschooled in the art of punctuation.

bertie s lament – part two

i tell you bertie told me
i m the epitome
of mediocrity

but just then boss
rawley eagle came
flying by except he was
about two miles high

bertie i cried
an eagle i ve spied

oh help he cried
there s nowhere to hide
he ll eat me he ll eat
me he sighed even the
fish will be denied
oh mediocre me
scooped up to eternity

by now boss rawley
had landed and bertie
was belly-up with his
eyes closed

rawley asked why so grim
what s the matter with him

he thinks he s about
to die says i

but how can that be
since it s only me
says he

he thinks you re out
to chomp on him and that
his life is empty and slim

oh not so little bro –
i came to teach
you to fly a way up
high in that sky

but woeworms can t
fly in skies says i

oh they can fly if
they learn how to die

bertie rolled over right
side up wait a minute
there buttercup how can a
woeworm fly after he s
had to die i think it s a
big lie

oh no go-slow
rawley said and shook
his head you don t
understand the plan
man you can be free
from the land stan
you can be a butterfly
if you ll surrender and die

sure just jump in your
beak and lie there nice
and meek

no no you make a pretty
cocoon while you whistle
a sad-happy tune and then
in a deep sleep you will
swoon to come out a flier
at high noon

you mean you won t
eat me asked bertie

no not me says rawley
don t you see i came
to you out of the blue
to so love you that you
won t be afraid to die
but will start to mount
up on high with the
wings of a butterfly

you can live free says
he if you ll turn from
your -me- and trust
jesus victory

just die to self and sin
let jesus burst on in
woeworm butterflies can
win and worms and eagles
can be friends

and boss rawley gave
bertie the biggest hug
that slug ever had

and bertie actually
grinned exclamation

i have decided boss
that many a woeworm
among us could be
revived with a bit of
jesus love and a hug