Attitude first step toward positive results

By Don Reid: Guest Columnist

I watched the Base Closure and Realignment hearings with great anticipation and a little anxiety. I was moved by the comments of BRAC commissioners Sue Turner and Lloyd Newton concerning the closure of Cannon Air Force Base. I believe they both spoke from their hearts and did so eloquently.

Some of the other commissioners expressed torment concerning this facility and Newton commented on how many calls he had received from high-ranking Air Force officers. Others woke up early and were tremendously stressed about the decisions they had to make that Friday. I appreciate their openness and their comments greatly.

I considered how many letters were sent urging Cannon stay open and how many people poured out their hearts and gave their time to decorate and line the streets to welcome the BRAC Commission when they visited in June.

Then I thought of how many prayers must have been sent up to save our community and the base. It is my sincere belief that these prayers were answered, though not in the way we expected.

While looking back through the Bible, it is easily recognizable that the men God chose and the way he intervened on people’s behalf was probably not the men we would have picked or the way we would have handled the situation. However, the people chosen and the situations at hand in Biblical times were always resolved in the correct way.

I think now would be the time to exercise some faith in all those prayers and believe God is still in control.

I think now is the time for us to become determined and move ahead. Clovis and the surrounding area were experiencing much growth before the May 13 BRAC announcement and the growth should continue if we stay positive and focused on success. Not one person or plane associated with Cannon has left yet.

It would seem to me that Cannon was on death row and received a four-year reprieve. This gives us time to search for another military mission. The planes shouldn’t begin leaving until 2007.

It is our attitude and spirit that will make the difference.
The Bible says, “The earnest prayer of a righteous man has great power and wonderful results.”

Negative thoughts lead to negative words that lead to negative results. The same holds true for the positive side. I encourage everyone to think positive, have faith and work hard and above all believe that the God who created our universe will intervene on our behalf. Ad because we are faithful, we will see wonderful results. Probably better than it has ever been.

I encourage our city commissioners and planners to forge ahead with finding private industry to occupy the base in the case that a military mission is not found.

We should be using every means possible to make our community financially sound whether BRAC took place or not.

Clovis was a railroad and cattle/farming area long before the Air Force came into play. Clovis and the surrounding areas have developed a great dairy population owned and operated by fantastic people who provide many jobs. We now have industry moving to our area with the cheese plant and wind generators and a fantastic team of people working on bringing in more industries. The people of this area have a pioneer spirit that was passed down through the generations.

Contrary to some beliefs, Clovis will not dry up and blow away.

Failure or success begins in our minds and the end results are a direct indication of how we choose to manage those thoughts. I vote that we be positive and encounter positive results.

Donald K. Reid is a Clovis resident and frequent contributor to the Opinion page. Contact him at: