Semester starting at CCC

Clovis Community College students Carisma Garcia, left, and Christina Reynoso start classes Monday. (Staff photo: Eric Kluth)

By Tonya Garner: CNJ staff writer

Elizabeth Alonzo said she will follow her usual morning routine Monday before driving to Clovis from her hometown of Bovina to embark on her life as a college student.

A 2005 Bovina High School graduate, Alonzo is enrolled for 13 hours in the fall semester at Clovis Community College, which begins its fall semester Monday.

“The counselors and advisors were so great in helping me schedule my classes in the afternoon since I work in the mornings,” said Alonzo, who will work at the college’s information desk. “The college is really flexible.”

CCC interim President Becky Rowley said the enrollment for the developmental (previously known as remedial) classes is high. She also reported the enrollment for basics is really strong.

“I am not making any predictions yet,” said Rowley, who is succeeding Beverlee McClure, who was named the state’s Higher Education Secretary earlier this month. “Students can still enroll through the end of next week.”

The two-year college averages about 4,000 students each semester.

Alonzo is attending CCC on a Leadership Odyssey Scholarship, which covers the cost of all her classes. She will also be reimbursed for her books for participating in student government where she serves as secretary.

Alonzo said CCC is perfect for her.

“I am a mama’s girl,” Alonzo said. “I didn’t want to go far away.”

Alonzo plans to pursue a degree in radiology after completing her required basics.

“I only plan to attend Clovis Community College for one semester,” Alonzo said. “I will then be transferring to Clarendon (Texas) to play softball.”

Cristina Reynoso of Clovis will also be attending CCC in the fall. It’s her third and final year.

“I plan to transfer to Amarillo College and enter their dental hygienist program,” said Reynoso, who hopes to graduate in the spring with an associate’s degree in liberal arts.

Reynoso said attending CCC has prepared her to go on to a bigger school.

“It won’t be that big of a change,” said Reynoso, who has served as an ambassador and is currently the vice president of student government. “I will be ready.”

She said as an ambassador she had the opportunity to usher the lieutenant governor on a tour two years ago. “It was a really neat experience,” Reynoso said.

Second-year student Carisima Garcia has taken a variety of classes.

“I took theater, which was a lot of fun,” Garcia said. “The sociology class I took was my favorite.”

Garcia said she is enrolled in a math and a national government course.

“I am looking forward to the government course,” Garcia said. “I want to learn more about our nation’s history.”

Garcia participates in student government and acts as a mentor.

“I help first-year students adjust to college life,” Garcia said. “I will assist them with homework, registering, or anything they need.”

According to Garcia, every incoming freshman has the opportunity for a mentor.

Garcia believes CCC is a good place to start because of its size and the “great activities.”

She is a psychology major who plans to transfer to Eastern New Mexico University to pursue a four-year degree.

“I will be so sad to leave because I have met so many great people,” Garcia said. “But I won’t be afraid.”

For the upcoming semester, all three women agree they plan to concentrate on “getting good grades” and enjoying their time at the college.

Rowley said she is looking forward to the fall semester.

She also offered some advice for incoming students. “Go to class,” Rowley said. “Just jump in and start studying.”