8/19 amos

Editor’s note: Amos is a church mouse, who types by hopping on the computer keyboard, but he can’t operate the capital shift keys, and he shuns punctuation marks – except dashes and hyphens. This week, Amos and his friends have been enjoying the county fair. 
jojo goes to the fair
boss the fair is great –
the flashing carnival lights
the sights the smells the
sounds and all the free food
lying around on the ground
the church pew underworld
has gone crazy with
delight boss sammy salamander
keeps trying to get in the
dunking booth and williford
the white rat wastes away on
discarded hot dogs and dried
cotton candy
jojo the jackrabbit came
in from the country boss
just to see the fair
this was his first time
in the big city and the
only reason he came
he says is because he
heard someone say
there was something
faster than jojo on
the midway
now boss jojo is the
fastest little animal
in the church pew
underworld which is
pretty good for a
i m the king of speed
the fastest you ever
see-ed says jojo as he
hopped across the
fairgrounds i ll race
the best – foxes or
hounds – but no more
tortoises or even porpoises
then he spied discarded
hamburgers all over
the ground and held up
some mustard-colored
lettuce and tomatoes
well they re a little
wilted says he but you
develop a taste for
these don t you
boss he even tried a wad of
cotton candy but just got
tangled up in it all
now where s all this
speedy bullet stuff
says jojo i m ready
to run i m ready to go
so we showed him the
himalaya with its
fast track and zooming
cars and the tilt-a-whirl
with its tornado
spinning action
these are machines
says he not even human
beings but they sure do
run fast don t they
then boss we saw his
eyes light up
maybe i can get even
faster with the help
of these machines
says he soon i ll be
the fastest in the plains
the quickest in the land
fast as greased lightning
or a flash in a pan
with that he hopped on
the himalaya and went
round and round faster
than the speed of sound
when jojo wobbled off
frazzled and wore we all
gathered around him to
implore how are you jojo
are you faster than you
were before
naw i don t think so
says he the wilted
lettuce and tomatoes
kinda turned me green
i think i ll just go
home and enjoy the
country scene being
so fast is not worth
being green
sometimes life is like
what jojo learned boss –
you may not really want
those things for which
you wish and yearn