8/12 view from under the pew

Editor’s note: Amos is a church mouse, who types by hopping on the computer keyboard, but he can’t operate the capital shift, and he shuns punctuation marks – except dashes and hyphens.

wbu ladybug leader leaving

wayland bugtussle university
is wailing boss and a low-grade
terror has struck the campus

carol green the ladybug
dean of the university
is leaving the church
pew underworld to go
to a far country where
the rain showers relentlessly
and the green trees and
mountains beckon weary
travelers with glimpses of
nature s beauty

known affectionately
by the wbu staff
as dr green the queen
of the local wbu scene
the lithe ladybug had
brightened not only the
wayland campus with
her wisdom wit and business
sense but also the church
pew community at large

so sad were we boss
when we heard of the loss
– such disparaging news –
there was hardly a dry eye
in the kitchen sink which
is where we gather for
solemn occasions

doc the wise lady
labrador unashamedly
brushed tears from her eyes
she moaned then sighed
and tried not to cry
but being a friend to
the end she gave a hug to
her lady boss friend

and jesse the bearded gray
wolf who would run in silent
guard alongside the queen
of the wayland scene
now dipped his noble
gray head in a somber
display of mourning for
the one going away

and rich the ricocheting
raccoon lost his ricochet boss
james the gentle jaguar now
mopes and gazes afar
and faith the friendly ferret
now finds little joy or merit

billy bob bee has lost his
sprightly spree and dave the
dancing deer has lost his
dance and ever-present cheer

at this point bertie
woeworm wriggled in
and boss he almost grinned
what s this says he
a conclave of heartbroken
souls or perhaps a sorrowful
convention of trials and woes

let s everyone join in and
weep the woeworm s chant

woe is me woe is me
i m the epitome
of unbridled misery
my hope is gone
the end is near
there is no joy
just loss and fear
oh woe is me woe is me
i m the epitome
of unbridled agony

see how easy that is says he
and boss we all were about
to belt out the chorus again
when virgil the praying
mantis sauntered in

what s all this morbid muck
says he you re looking at this
whole thing inadequately —
and much too selfishly

you need to view it from god s
perspective quit being so
selective of bad thoughts and
so defective of bright spots
even this situation with all
of its deflation can still be
reflective of god s love and
salvation we can be filled
with his joy and elation

we can choose to participate in
this celebration of dr green s gifts
wisdom and career exaltation
for you see promotion comes
from the lord and he has
special plans for dr green
wbu and all of us as well

all we need to do my friends
is to joy in his goodness and
trust him to the end
boss he was right so we
showed bertie the door and
we reminisced and praised the
lord till the sun rose again
on a bright new day