8/10 Letters to the editor

Skateboard park best place for scooters
Yes, Clovis needs to build a skateboard park. The reason: to keep the scooters off of our streets.

These scooters are very loud. They drive a person nuts just listening to them from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

They’re also very dangerous for the kids who ride them.

The kids who don’t have scooters have few other places to go.

The kids have ball leagues, but that’s about all.

So yes, we need a skateboard park very much.

I have lived in Clovis for 27 years, paid property taxes for 27 years and voted for 27 years.

Pearl Williams

Anti-war protesters don’t represent town
Dan Smith’s letter (July 31 CNJ) said the people of Clovis treated Cannon Air Force Base personnel poorly when he was here from 1966 to 1968.

Although I can’t make apologies for what insensitive people have said or done to this man, I can say that maybe he was hanging out at the wrong places. I have lived in Clovis since 1964 and have met some of the best people.

Looking at the years he was stationed at Clovis gives a better understanding of his hardships. During the years of 1967 and 1968, our war in Southeast Asia at a place called Vietnam was escalating at an alarming rate. During that same time, and many years thereafter, anti-war protesters were grabbing the headlines on the nightly news and in the newspapers.

Smith is not the only person to be called names for proudly being in the military and serving his country. It was just the sign of the times that this country was going through.

The majority of citizens appreciate his service to his country, but the anti-war protesters that spoke loudly and grabbed the headlines were being heard instead of the majority.

Smith, being in the military during the Vietnam war years, should know more than anyone that our military personnel were not appreciated as they should have been — not only in Clovis, but throughout the United States.

Our military personnel were being called names and being spit on everywhere they wore the uniform proudly. Taking his anger out on every citizen of Clovis is wrong. The majority of our citizens appreciate the service that our military men and women provide, including his service.

Harold L. Thrasher