8/5 a view from under the pew

By Gary Mitchell: CNJ columnist

Editor’s note: Amos is a church mouse, who types by hopping on the computer keyboard keys, but he can’t operate the capital shift, and he shuns punctuation marks – except dashes and hyphens.

amos converses with a bone

willifred the white rat talked
me into taking another trip
in his tiny time traveler the
other day boss

let s go visit ezekiel in the
valley of the dry bones says
willifred and he set the time
traveler to about 580 b c

after a few whooshes and
whirring sounds the time
traveler stopped willifred
and i stepped outside and nearly
fainted at the sight

a valley spread out before us
but it wasn t empty boss – it
was full of dead dry bones
bones scattered here and
there and everywhere

so whatchu gawking at
a voice came from the valley
floor it had an eerie quality
like a creaking door

whaddayu mean says me
timidly where are you
come out and show me
where you be

here i am right before
your nose take two more
steps and i ll trip up your toes
now go away and leave me
alone nobody here cares
a whit about an old
dry bone

boss it was a bit spooky
talking to a bone in a
god-forsaken valley but
finally i asked what happened
to you this looks worse than
napoleon s waterloo

aw who cares says the
bone indifferently nobody
cares whether we live or
die or flee or fly so go
away go play in a pile of
hay i don t care just don t stay

that sure is a grumpy old
bone says willifred to me
i agree says me

yeah well you d be grumpy
too if you couldn t find
your shoe – or even your
left hand – says the bone
lying in the sand besides i
hate little furry rodents who
act like people so go away
go jump off a steeple

so willifred and i turned to
leave when just then this
hairy-looking prophet guy
gets beamed down nearly
on top of me

then a voice boomed out
of the sky ezekiel son of man
prophesy prophesy to those
bones tell them they ll come
alive they ll take on flesh
and skin and survive

big deal says the bone
what difference will that
make we ll still be dead
inside we may look alive
but our souls are fried
we may be able to stand
but we re still just an
upright piece of sand

and boss he was right but
after ezekiel prophesied
all those bones shook and
rattled and came together
bone to bone and joint to
joint complete with tendons
flesh and blood quite a
change from bleached bone
and dusty sod

again the lord boomed
from heaven to the hairy
prophet prophesy prophesy
for the spirit to blow from
the four winds to fill these
bones and men

and boss that s what happened
the spirit blew across that
valley and those bones-turned-men
became a mighty living army
for the lord

i ll place my spirit in you and
you shall live i ll open your
graves and give you back your
life and land

then the bone who was now
a mighty man said wow what
a god what a great plan – and
boss he had a grin as wide as
an ocean span

it just goes to show you boss
life takes on a new perspective
when god s spirit touches you