Economist to explain financial safeguards

By David Irvin: CNJ staff writer

A former bank chief and published economist will give advice to local residents Thursday about how to safeguard their nest eggs, especially since Cannon Air Force Base has been recommended for closure.

Larry Bates will talk at the Economic and Political Risk Conference at 7 p.m. at the Clovis Inn Best Western. The educational seminar will cover topics that include the future of real estate holdings, how President Bush’s Social Security changes could affect individuals, and why the stock markets are increasingly unstable, according to a press release from sponsoring-group Information Radio Network.

“We guarantee them one thing, that when they leave the conference they will know more about the way the system works than the average bank president down the street,” Bates said. Tickets go for $15 per person and $25 per couple.

“One thing we’ll talk about is the impact of base closure, and what do you do if you are not successful in keeping it.”

Bates, who co-owns First American Monetary Consultants, said he tailors conferences to the local economies he visits. He will discuss what may happen to the local real estate market if Cannon Air Force Base closes, he said.

Bates holds conferences across the country and even overseas, company officials said.

“Our business really is information,” said IRN spokeswoman Angela Brunson.

Bates is publisher and editor of the Monetary and Economic Review, a quarterly economic and financial publication about markets and the economy from a geopolitical perspective, according to the press release. He wrote a book called The New Economic Disorder.

Bates will take questions from the audience, Brunson said.
Bates said the conference can facilitate about 20 more attendees. Registration can be completed at or by calling (800) 336-7000.

Anyone unable to attend the conference can receive a free economic education package by calling the same number, the release said.