Portales man dies in vehicle mishap

Freedom Newspapers

A vehicle mishap late Monday night caused the death of a Portales man.

Police believe Roy Parker, 51, was killed when his 1993 Dodge truck pinned him to a building.

Portales Police Capt. Lonnie Berry said sometime before 11 p.m., Parker attempted to start his truck outside of Goober McCool’s. Parker started his truck, Berry said, by connecting a wire to the positive post of the battery. The truck, which was in second gear, started moving and pinned Parker against a storage building.

Berry said it likely wasn’t the first time Parker had started the vehicle that way.

“You could see from the burn patterns on the positive post of the battery that it had been an ongoing practice,” Berry said. “It was not really a safe practice to start the vehicle that way.”
After Parker was discovered, an emergency call was placed a few minutes after 11 p.m.

Police are working under the assumption that foul play was not involved, but will be investigating over the next few days and waiting for autopsy results.

“We’re still investigating it, obviously,” Berry said, “just to make sure we’ve covered all of our bases.”

Attempts to reach Parker’s family were unsuccessful.