God plays big part in modern medicine

By Judy Brandon

My sister Susie lives in Rochester, Minn., where she has made friends with a wonderful lady.

While caroling two Christmases ago at St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester with some other volunteers, Susie got coupled with Sister Dora, a 78-year-old Catholic nun who is also a nurse. The two soon became great friends and now meet regularly for coffee and good conversation.

On our vacation to Minnesota last summer, we were privileged to meet Sister Dora and have coffee with her in the nun’s private dining room at St. Mary’s. What a treat that was as we talked about spiritual things and our friendship.

But last week we were really concerned. Sister Dora was in the hospital with a very severe case of pneumonia. Added to that, the doctors found through tests a suspicious image on one of her lungs. More sophisticated medial tests were ordered to determine what the place might be. The doctors prepared her with the news that it might be cancer and were fairly concerned that it was.

So Sister Dora called all her friends for prayer. Susie called Mother, Buffy, Annie and me and asked us to pray. I called my friends Mary and Christy Mendoza and asked them to pray. Then the news came today and tests revealed that Sister Dora has no cancer.

What about these miracles that surround modern medicine? Years ago the polio threat was very real and mothers like my mother were worried about polio. Iron lungs imprisoned little children who had been stricken with the disease. All children in the community between certain ages were to go to their own elementary school on a designated Sunday afternoon.

On that day, I stood in line with my classmates and took my turn as the nurse dispensed a sugar cube containing the polio vaccine to each one of us.

Over the years, even more modern miracles have emerged. The inventions of new machines allow doctors to scan the entire body and show trouble spots that were once undetectable. So called miracle drugs are being developed everyday.

All those modern medical advances are amazing and marvelous. I am the first to be resolute in getting my family seek the best medical help. But far greater still is the mystery of healing.

It still is God’s business.

We don’t know God’s plan and how He works through surgeons, internists, specialists, prescriptions and therapy.

I am not even sure how He works through prayer even though I know it works. We just have to acknowledge that God gave those individuals the ability to perform in their situations and gave others ability to invent drugs that help all of humanity.

Medicine and prescriptions have progressed— from sugar cubed polio vaccines to high tech machines. But God is still the source of it all. We just get to take part and witness the miracles that He gives us all along the way.
Sister Dora will happily testify to that.

Judy Brandon is an instructor at Clovis Community College. Contact her at: