Clovis schools superintendent makes changes in ranks

By Marlena Hartz: CNJ staff writer

Rhonda Seidenwurm has been Clovis schools superintendent since June 1, but already she has made changes in the ranks.

The retirement of Lonnie Leslie, assistant superintendent of business and operation, spurred the creation of a new position she’s called deputy superintendent.

Ladona Clayton, formerly the district’s assistant superintendent of instruction, has been moved to the new position.

Clayton will be performing duties that had previously been shared by Leslie and Clayton.

Gene Bieker will be in charge of day-to-day management of operations and will report to Clayton, under the new system.

“I would have preferred to be here for six months to a year before I made any changes, but Leslie’s retirement forced us to do something; and rather than replace him, we decided eventually we would like to decrease the number of assistant superintendents,” Seidenwurm said.

“I believe it is more efficient in a district of this size to have two deputies of instruction rather than four assistant superintendents.”

She said the shuffle in titles will allow the district to stay within the current budget and run more efficiently. She said Leslie’s position will not be filled.

“The superintendent,” school board member Mark Lansford said, “does have the authority to create new positions and change the organizational chart subject to budgetary constraints. If the new position(s) do not increase the budget then the board does not get involved in such a matter. It appears as though there will be no adverse impact on the budget (with the new positions).”

School Board President Terry Martin said he supports Seidenwurm’s small changes in personnel and is confident in her vision for the future of the district.

The change, school board member Lora Harlan added, does not signal a trend of attrition, to her knowledge, and is not indicative of an increase in personnel changes.