6/3 amos: a rodeo comes to bugtussle

Editor’s note: Amos is a church mouse, who types by hopping on the computer keyboard, but he can’t work the capital shift keys, and he shuns punctuation marks – except dashes and hyphens.

a rodeo comes to bugtussle

boss whoever first spoke
or sang – i love a parade –
must have been misquoted
i m almost sure they said
– i love a rodeo –

the great bugtussle rodeo
is here everybody s decked
out in their buckaroo chaps
bandanas and cowboy hats

life takes on invincibility
when you re stomping
around in your boots and
your cowboy common-

a stunning array of events
headline this year s rodeo
boss who can turn their
backs on such events as
rat roping by cowboy ants
riding gerbils
tarantula wrestling by
tumble bugs
bareback cricket riding
wild bullfrog riding and
light racing done by
cowgirl ladybugs riding
on moth-steeds who fly
around three light bulbs
and then race for the
finish line

but boss my favorite event
is the wild aphid milking
contest in which two
cowboy ants try to catch
a wild aphid milk it and
then race to the finish line
with a few drops in a
narrow-neck bottle

this year though boss
all the rodeo athletes
gathered together in the
rodeo arena stands for
something special called
cowboy church

cowboy balladeer and
pastor bobby beetle
strummed his makeshift
guitar and sang about
billy bob the cowboy ant
trying to stay aboard
ol green the buckin
machine grasshopper
but ol green in his
twisting and turning
and jumping flipped over
on his neck and killed
both himself and billy bob

it was a mournful dirge
boss but then bobby beetle
told the cowboy crowd
ol green was still unridden
and billy bob still had never
been beaten but what
difference did it make
as the world goes round
because both of them were
dead and in the ground

what is your life worth
says he that you would
gamble it for eternity

consider now instead him
who rose from the dead
jesus is alive and well
trust him to keep your
soul from hell

so many folks think that
if you trust in him your
chances for fun are slim
but that s not true says he
you ll be joyous and free

without jesus sin makes
your soul to wilt
but in him real joy comes
cause you re free from guilt

jesus is the one who frees us
says he and makes life as
exciting as any rodeo can be