5/26 Student Profile

Jennifer K. Robinson, 18, is the daughter of Katie and Duane Robinson. She is senior at Clovis High School.

What is your favorite part of school? Obviously hanging out with friends and practicing sports. Although I love my AP chemistry class.

What do you not like about school? The block scheduling at the high school. In junior high we were able to take five core classes with two electives, the second semester we could switch electives, for a total of nine classes per year. At Clovis High School, we have four classes each semester for a total of only eight classes. I think the extra class each year would definitely benefit students that plan to attend college.

What is so great about your favorite sport? I have run cross country for the past four years at the high school, and I absolutely love it. Although I had to make myself learn to like running, I finally realized that running is one of the most wonderful sports in the world. I am able to relieve all of the stress that has been built up through out the day by thinking about my problems and figuring out how to deal with certain situations. When I run in the morning, I feel like I am alone and have no worries. When I am done, I feel energized for the whole rest of my day.

Tell us about a time your were afraid. On Feb. 15, I was in my first car wreck. I was driving down a street when a lady pulled out in front of me and I was unable to stop. I have never been more afraid in my life. Even today I still freak out when cars pull out, or go fast. Sometimes when I watch movies with car wrecks, I have flashbacks. I have never been truly scared for my life before.

What is your most prized possession? I would definitely say the Bible. The Bible is my entire guide book for life. When I am feeling down, I always go into my room to be alone and read a section of the Bible and it puts me in a wonderful mood.

Honors received: National Honor Roll, student of the month, Who’s Who Among American High School Students.

School activities: Cross country, Fellowship of Christian athletes, band and basketball.

Church/Community activities: Member of Central Baptist Church, and Youth Group, Junior Auxiliary at Plains Regional Medical Center, Volunteer pianist at Retirement Ranch for worship services on Sunday morning.

Hobbies: I enjoy running and working out to keep my body healthy, playing the piano, and pole vaulting in track.

Future Plans: Attend the University of New Mexico to pursue a doctorate in pharmacy.