5/26 BRAC letters to the editor

Negativity might be result of bad attitude
I read with interest the letter from Floyd Shumpert, Dallas attorney, expressing the feelings that Clovis will get what it deserves if Cannon Air Force Base is closed.

As a Clovis native, I have a number of special memories associated with Cannon AFB. I recall, vividly, the sight of wave after wave of F-51 Mustang fighters flying over Clovis as they returned to a newly re-opened base in 1951.

I recall many school friends, families and neighbors from Cannon. The church I attended welcomed Cannon families and single airmen. Some have become lifelong friends. One became my brother-in-law of over 40 years. A second brother-in-law, although never stationed a Cannon, chose to move his family to Clovis at the conclusion of his Air Force career.

My current church home welcomes a number of Cannon families and airmen as do other churches throughout the community, social organizations, athletic booster organizations and civic clubs.

There is one inescapable truth contained in Shumpert’s letter. Even though I have a multitude of Air Force individuals and families whom I consider to be valued friends, had I ever met one with his attitude and apparent personality, I would probably have reacted as negatively as those he has remembered for all of those years.

Perhaps those negative reactions were derived from the person wearing the uniform rather than the uniform itself.

Robert Bell

Loss of Cannon not ‘what Clovis deserves’
I take exception to Floyd Shumpert’s statement that Clovis deserves to lose Cannon Air Force Base. On the contrary. Shumpert should probably stay in Dallas.

My husband Paul and I have remarked (too many times to count) about how well base people are treated in this wonderful city. After 10 assignments, 23 years of service and 34 years in Clovis (as opposed to Shumpert’s three years, 26 years ago), I feel that we have a pretty good idea of how Clovis treats Cannon personnel.

We have never been treated with the respect, trust, courtesy and kindness that Clovis has shown us anywhere else in the world. We get discounts, for crying out loud.

So, I just want to say, “Thanks, Clovis, and the Committee of Fifty for fighting for us all these years.”

I pray that we do not lose Cannon. But if we do, it certainly won’t be because Clovis deserves it.

Elfrida Matherly