Clovis seniors gather for send-off on final day of school

Clovis High School senior Maria Robles and fellow senior Jonathan Aguirre are soaked by a water hose during Thursday’s Clovis High School Senior Bash 2005 at Leon Williams Stadium. (Staff photo: Eric Kluth)

By Ryn Gargulinski: CNJ staff writer

Their favorite memories ranged from a band trip to California, to nearly getting caught leaving a love note, to mistakenly entering the wrong bathroom.

More than 100 Clovis High seniors gathered Thursday at Leon Williams Stadium for Senior Bash 2005, a final send-off on the last day of school.

More than 400 Clovis seniors are scheduled to graduate Saturday.

Chrisie Reeves said a choir trip to California was her favorite memory.

Reeves said she was enamored by the beach, Universal Studios, and the fact that no one fought the whole time. Through the choir, she also had the opportunity to meet a traveling children’s choir from Africa, which led her to crave a career as missionary in Africa.

Engelo Charles, another choir member who plans to attend West Texas A&M and major in music, said his most vivid memory was jumping the gun on singing the national anthem at a pep rally.

“I messed up,” he said, “I started singing before all the people walked in.”

Curt Brooks also had fond recollections of “messing up.”

The Eastern New Mexico University-bound graphic designer said he went up to talk to a “hot girl,” but instead of getting a date, he fell flat on his face — or at least his knees.

Two members of the Wildcadettes, the high school’s dance team, also recalled memories of a potential romance gone awry.

Samantha Perales and Laura Walker, best friends since their sophomore year who plan to attend New Mexico State, said they had a crush on a football player and went to put a note on his truck.

“We wanted to be secretive,” Walker said, but the guy’s car alarm ended up going off.

“He never found out it was us,” Perales said.

Embarrassment was a common theme.

Michael Adams, who plans to major in chemistry at New Mexico State, said he went to enter the rest room during a break while taking the SATs — and ran into a female teacher.

“Someone switched the signs,” Adams said. “She screamed and we both turned red.”

A dripping wet Ashley Fraser, who had been taking advantage of the Clovis Fire Department’s hose that sprayed the center of the football field, didn’t have to search long for her best memory.

“This will be my fondest memory,” said Fraser, indicating the crowd of grinning graduates-to-be.

Clovis High School Principal Jody Balch, who was on hand at the event to help the seniors celebrate, was also sporting a smile.

“I don’t have butterflies now,” said Balch, “but I sure will on Saturday (at graduation).” Balch said he was lucky enough to know this group of kids for several years since he had been principal at Yucca Junior High before his recent transfer to the high school.

While some students said they felt they had been in school forever, most had immediate plans to go right into college.

Adams shared some last-minute advice for next year’s graduating class concerning their senior year. “Make the most of it,” Adams said. “It doesn’t last very long.”