Amos 5-13

By Gary Mitchell

Editor’s note: Amos is a church mouse, unable to use the keyboard shift keys and unschooled in the art of punctuation.

amos misses a quiet time

boss i had a lot to do
today but when i woke
up this morning life looked
upside-down and blurry
and not even your stale
coffee could put a kink in
my tail the way it usually does

says i – i don t have time
for my quiet time this
morning i ll pray and read
my bible some other time
after all i ve gotta be on my
way the sun s a-shinin and
i ve gotta make some hay

so off i went boss
whistling a little tune
but missing a note or
two and not really
knowing or caring

it turned out to be
a fine hectic day boss
a little chaos here
a big mud puddle there
and by noon i was ready
for the mous-i-tarium
complete with little
mousy strait jackets
moldy cheese and bouncy
rubber-walled rooms

it was the disaster day
of the year boss i kept
tripping over rugs and
electrical cords spilling
kool-aid all over my paper
and every time i needed
to go to the little mousy
boys room marcellus the
cat wanted to chase me
around the church pews

then i got yelled at by a big
fat earthworm who didn t like
my poems i was buzzed by a
battalion of bumblebees
belched at by a bunch
of bullfrogs and nearly
trampled to death by a
troop of tarantulas
while i was scurrying
secretly back home

right now boss my
life looks pretty grim
i have no more vigor
or vim and my chances
of survival waver
between none and slim

when i finally got home
weary and almost dead
i looked at my little
matchbox bed and there
was my little mousy
bible still unread

a cloud of guilt flashed
through my head

oh lord jesus please
forgive me i said and
his peace seemed to
settle over my heart
soul and head

i thought this morning i
was too busy – too sleepy –
i can t afford to pray but
now i ve found that s not
the right way the opposite
is true when you re tired
busy or blue and you say i
can t afford to pray i
guarantee at the end
of the day you ll be
prone to say i can t
afford not to pray


p s – boss tomorrow may
have its problems but life
will still be on an even
keel because in my heart
is the calm assurance that
god is there and he is real –
for i can feel him in my
soul – as the old song goes

and it s all because of that
moment of peace and
serenity spent with him boss
for you see that quiet time
is like a slice of eternity