Jesus’ love constant

By Judy Brandon

It is getting that time again. May always brings graduation and suddenly parents feel the pinch of an empty house.

This only verifies that time passes and sometimes it hurts.

The passing of time is like playing with bubbles. I ran into a sale the other day and stocked my “bubble cabinet” with bottles of bubbles.

A bubble that is giant, wobbly and delicate disappears in an instant because it is so fragile — Just try to catch those floating bubbles and pop them. It’s like time. Someone said it is fragile. We wake up one day and where has the time gone?

One summer during my childhood years, our family vacationed in California where we visited relatives. We were the most excited about Disneyland in Los Angeles. So our family struck out early one June morning with our 1956 blue Ford loaded with vacation paraphernalia. I was eager to finally experience Disneyland and California. I was sure that while in California I would see Roy Rogers and Dale Evans and maybe even Trigger. I knew I would run into Lucille Ball and Pinkie Lee. My naiveté kept my imagination and anticipation high.

We arrived in Los Angeles and decided to stop to eat before we descended upon our kinfolk. Daddy spotted a hamburger drive-in place that had seen advertised. Their enticement was 29-cent hamburgers that could be done in five minutes. The advertisement had read: “Only in California.”

Daddy parked the car and then we all went up to the window to order. Our family conversation centered on this new phenomenon in drive-ins as we ate. Daddy shook his head in amazement at the steady procession of customers.

That drive-in was McDonald’s and since that time of the 29-cent hamburger, the fragile bubbles of hours have become days, days have become weeks and weeks have made it to years. Those moments are fleeting and seem to come in and out of our lives with great speed.

Nothing stays the same.

Daddy passed away 25 years ago. It just verifies that with the passing of time, circumstances, events and situations in life do change. Families change. New babies are born and nieces, nephews and cousins are added to the clan.

Children grow up and parents grow older. The thing is we must enjoy the delicate moment because with the passing of time, that moment is gone and change is inevitable.
Yet, I have found that through all of life’s changes, Jesus has always been consistent in my relationship with Him.

According to the Bible, Jesus Christ is “the same yesterday, and today and forever.”(Hebrews 13:8.) The Christ of today is the same Christ that fed the five thousand, calmed the sea, walked on the water, healed diseases and conquered death. If we trust Him, Christ can sustain us through life’s changes, no matter what season of our lives, condition of the world or frustration of the moment. I think bout my stockpile of bubbles and believe these: Delicate bubbles, whether in child’s play or a moment of time, are too soon gone.