Letters to the editor 5/3

Marshall burrito situation handled well
I want to commend local police, the staff at Marshall Junior High and any others involved in the speedy response to the alarm on Thursday morning.

I know it was not a “textbook” perfectly run situation, but thank God we live in a town that is not used to situations like this.

I think that for the most part it was handled well. Thanks to the staff at the school for not panicking and for keeping my daughter from being traumatized.

Thank you also to the person who was paying enough attention to notice something odd and for reporting it. I know you may be doubting yourself, but I for one appreciate you.
Shannon Sneed

Solving Clovis’ drug problem requires jails, rehab programs
In response to Duane E. Jacklin’s letter last Wednesday, I found it ironic that all we need is a super retired special agent who has all the answers to the drug problem in Clovis.

Why doesn’t this retired special agent share that knowledge with the rest of us?

I am not making light of the drug problem in Clovis, but the only way we clean it up is with bigger jails or with rehabilitation and that would take money. That means your tax dollars would have to go up to fund either program.

Which program does Jacklin prefer? Where will the money come from?

I found the letter condescending toward our law enforcement personnel. Our police force is doing the best it can with limited resources.

Just because a young person begs for money to buy food doesn’t mean they or their parents are on drugs. There is a food court in the mall that Jacklin could have taken the young girl.

Billy C. Moore

Albuquerque drunken driving proposal goes too far
When I first heard about Albuquerque’s proposal to confiscate vehicles from citizens for first-offense suspicion (not conviction) of driving while impaired (which, by the way, is anything the cops want it to be), I thought, “Yeah, that’s gonna fly!”

Imagine my astonishment and disgust when Albuquerque’s mayor actually signed the law in front of the Mothers Against Drunk Drivers headquarters!

In her statement to the press, MADDness commandant Terry Huertaz was right about one thing — the rest of the country will be watching Albuquerque.

We’ll be watching all right.

The economic consequences of this will be devastating. I, along with hundreds of thousands of other people, will never eat, shop, sleep or seek healthcare there again.

Citizens of Albuquerque: It’s time to take out the trash.

Glenda Bly