Play Inc. elects new executive board

By John Eisel: CNJ sports writer

The longtime executive director of Play Inc. resigned Monday during an organizational board meeting.

Steve Muscato gave the board of the city’s private, non-profit athletic organization his two-week notice. His last day is April 25.

Muscato said he is moving out of town and his resignation is not job-related.

“We were not asking for Steve’s resignation,” Kelly Tindle said. “All we wanted to do is clean up the program.”

Tindle was one of 10 new board members elected during the meeting at the Clovis-Carver Public Library.

Several audience and board members expressed confusion and concern about the election process.

Some thought the vote was for an entirely new board, others believed they were simply adding new members to the current board. Current board member Patricia Grah was confused as to whether she needed to nominate herself her not.

None of the current board members were on Monday’s ballot.

Clovis resident Della Dobson said she had problems voting for a candidate she knew nothing about. Candidates were announced and voted for during the meeting.

“Names don’t mean anything if we don’t get to ask them questions,” she said. “We need to know if what they believe in is what we believe in.”

Many of those in attendance, including newly-elected officials Brian Stacy and Tindle, wanted the vote pushed back because of the low attendance of about 20 people.

“I don’t think its fair to ramrod it through,” said Stacy, who said he would be applying for executive director.

Nomination ballots were supposed to be returned in by 5 p.m. March 31. Board president Andy Sweet said some people didn’t receive ballots until the day before or day of the deadline. Others did not receive ballots, he said.

According to newly-hired Play Inc. business manager Eric Nelson, about 655 letters went out with plenty of time to get to people.

Board members said they wanted to follow through with the decision to an election made at a March meeting and they also wanted a new board in place to find a new executive director.

“Once we agreed at the last meeting that we wanted to have an election, we needed to follow through with it,” executive board member Jim Barnard said.

Sweet suggested that the incoming board could vote to hold a second election if they believed it was necessary because of the low turnout.

New board members will be sworn in at an April 25 meeting.

New Play Inc. executive board
Phillip Landers
Jeff Holm
Brian Stacy
Michael Flores
John Bender
Kelly Tindle
Charles Lott
Ruben Lucio
Regan Williams
Gina Gutierrez