Decorative post-death options expanding

By Grant McGee

I found out a person can be made into a diamond after they die. This opens up a whole world of possibilities for memorials.

I was reading about people who are requesting that after they are cremated, their ashes be mixed in with concrete used for artificial reefs off the American Pacific coast. The article mentioned the diamond thing.

Once you’re cremated, your ashes are sent off to this company that will put those ashes through a process that will result in a diamond. We are, after all, carbon-based and diamonds are nothing more than highly compressed carbon.

Once the cremated remains are made into a rough diamond, the jewelers at the we-make-a-diamond-out-of-your-ashes company send your loved ones a very nice cut diamond for only $13,000 a carat.

When a person is called off The Great Stage of Life the survivors must decide what to do with the leftover biomechanical suit. Some people want to be buried, others cremated. Some folks aren’t even thinking about such things yet.

My mom has often talked of cremation for herself. When I was a kid she wanted her ashes left on a high point along the Appalachian Trail back east. Now she wants them taken out into the Atlantic Ocean. She doesn’t want a funeral, she wants to be simply remembered.

My brother decided that sometime after she passes, he, my sister and I will ride out in his boat into the Atlantic. Each of us will say a few words, then put my mom’s ashes out to sea.

A friend of mine had a nice funeral for his mom. She had been cremated. Many folks came for a nice service out in a cemetery here on the High Plains. After everyone left, my friend and his siblings put their mother’s ashes in the ground between the graves of her mother and father.

What we do with people is one thing, but pets are another. Ten years ago I discovered some people freeze-dry their dead pets. I suppose having beloved cats and dogs stuffed has been going on for years. Freeze drying supposedly gives the late animal a more “life-like” appearance.

I had read where people are taking the ashes of cremated pets and mixing the stuff with resin. The resulting paste (I guess that’s what it’s called) is then formed into shapes and squiggles around a photo of the pet in a frame.

I once proposed the same thing be done with people’s ashes with a slight variation: pressing the resin and ash paste into a form to make an actual picture frame to hold a photo of the deceased.

My idea was not well-received.

“What if you could see a few bone fragments?” I was asked
“I suppose before you made the resin you could grind it up into a finer powder,” I replied.

People still did not think this was a good idea.

It’s kind of like my idea of making a used hearse into a camper.

“Dead people have been back there,” I’ve been told.
“But they’re not there now,” I say. “Besides, hearses are nice and roomy.”

The being-turned-into-a-diamond thing sounds interesting, though.

“I could wear you around my neck,” said The Lady of the House. “You could be watching over me while I date new guys after I move to Florida.”

Maybe I should think about it some more.

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