Music true form of expression

By David Dawson: Guest Columnist

Editor’s note: This is part of a week-long series in which local columnists talk about their love for music in celebration of “Music in Our Schools Week” at Clovis schools.

Why Music? Ever since I can remember, music has been a true form of expression in my life.

At 4, I can remember my dad and his siblings singing in church and at each other’s houses. They would sing at picnics, on road trips and any other functions where family gathered.

I would listen to them tell stories of how they and their parents worked on different farms in east texas cotton fields, and how they played against other schools in basketball with no shoes and when they got together to sing, it seemed that nothing made them happier. I noticed as I got older, that my brothers, sisters and cousins along with myself would find ourselves together in the same manner. With four sisters and two brothers, there was never really any time for being bored, and no reason to get into any trouble because we had real love happening in a Christian home where either someone could sing or play an instrument.

I was never forced to take lessons but was inspired to sing by watching groups like the Spiritual Israelites and the Gospelaires (groups my father sang in). One of my favorite times was seeing all of the churches pack a building every month just to sing praises to God.

I held the invisible microphone, sang every commercial and theme song to every television show I could remember simply because it made me feel good. All of this is still true today.

I love writing and singing Gospel music because I want to make people happy and share the message of true love with a melody. With music, I can sing in the shower with just me and have a good time and get out refreshed in body, soul and spirit. Then I can turn around and use the same energy to encourage someone else.

David Dawson is contemporary Christian/Gospel music recording artist.