Letters to the editor: General letters

Youth deserve more free programs
It was with great interest that I read about the little boy riding his skateboard on the basketball court at Greene Acres Park (last Sunday’s CNJ). Whatever happened to the proposed skating park the city has talked about? I guess it went the way of the improvements of the Patrick Sandoval Park.

At least I was glad to see that the gym attendant at Roy Walker Recreation Center (at RWRC) is able to play checkers with the younger visitors to the recreation center. I’ve always seen a need for free recreation programs to be offered to the local children in this area of the city.

I totally support the recreational facility, which is being proposed for the Spencer Field area, but please remember areas that are in need now.

The youth of Clovis are tired of promises.

Rhonda Griego Roberts

City’s money could be used better
After reading the Clovis News Journal’s recent editorial on lobbying for tax cuts, I wish it would spur people to action. You have recently run several articles and letters that have helped stir emotions, but we need more of these. Instead of cutting taxes and reducing their budgets, our city and county elected official are scrambling for more ways to pad their coffers. As I always say, first your money, then your clothes!

People, pay attention! Terrible things are fixing to happen. Poor planning will cause budget shortfalls. I like what the one fellow said about trying to put out the fire by pouring gasoline on it. Instead of trying to solve problems and save money, all they can think of is to increase taxes.

Here’s my pet peeve: Tons of money are about to be wasted on city and county events centers. That’s not just my opinion; I’ve heard many others say it, too.

That money would go a long way to fix streets, give employee raises and address crime. Whatever happened to common sense? Sure it would be nice to have events centers, but AFTER the important things are taken care of.

Sales-tax and property-tax receipts are up because things are really on the upswing in Clovis. Isn’t there enough “new money” to fund all these extravagant schemes? If not, do without. Don’t go into debt and don’t make me pay for something most taxpayers don’t want, don’t need, can’t use, and sure can’t afford.

Eldred Noble

Drug lessons make children too curious
My child, who is in Barry Elementary School, came in recently and asked what “gang raped” means.

She said the term had come up in a lesson they had in class. The lesson was conducted by the sheriff’s department and included the principal and teachers.

They informed the sixth-graders that girls can get gang raped into gangs and boys sometimes have to kill someone.

The students were also given a booklet on drugs. It reported that you should not leave drinks on bars in clubs as someone could slip a drug in it. (Hello? What clubs are for sixth-graders?)

The class was then asked if it knew the meaning of “jelly-bracelet” colors. The kids thought these were just bracelets until informed that black means all the way, red means lap dance, etc.

When the children got home, they were calling each other and looking this stuff up on the Internet because it was made an issue in class.

All of these things were talked about without letting us parents know. Shouldn’t the parents have the right to say it’s OK to open these issues to discussion?

I do realize that gangs and drugs are realities, but there is a time and place to discuss those issues. All the school has done is make our children curious.

Lisa Frye