Amos: a view from under the pew

by Gary Mitchell: CNJ columnist

Editor’s note: Amos is a church mouse, who types by hopping on the computer keyboard, but he can’t operate the capital shift, and he shuns punctuation marks – except hyphens and dashes. amos the churchmouse:

a trip to valley forge

willifred the white rat
came by yesterday boss
to see if i wanted to
travel back in time in
his experimental tiny
time machine

you remember willifred
boss he escaped from a
mad scientist s research
laboratory and now he has
started his own scientific
research career

at any rate he installed
his tiny time traveler
machine on my little 57
cheeserolet motorized

just as soon we climbed
in we found ourselves in
the coldest fiercest
bitterest place i think
i ve ever been boss – some
snow pit called valley
forge pennsylvania

trying to find a warm
spot i bumped into a
little ragged field
mouse named georgie
boy who was busy
scavenging for food
and nearly bit off my
little frozen foot

hey watch it says me
whaddaya think you re
doing chomping around
here so indiscriminately

i m hungry says he why
what s it to thee

i m looking for george
washington the father
of our country says me

he s not the father of
any country says he
more like the father
of misery is he
look around you what
do you see an army
living in luxury
not hardly no sirree

how do you know so
much about washington
and his men says i
my friend and i just
wanted to celebrate the
first president s birthday
and here we are in a
snow slide

this is the continental
army boys that s general
washington over there
and i m his personal
mousy courier

so how is life for the
victorious army says me

you talkin to me says he
if this is victory i d hate
to see the other army in
its misery we have no
food no shoes no guns
and no sun i tell you
this war s over before
it was begun

in fact boss georgie boy
told me about a message
washington received the
other day from general
nathanael greene it said –
poor fellows – they exhibit
a picture truly distressing –
more than half naked and
two-thirds starved –
a country overflowing with
plenty is now suffering an
army employed for the
defense of everything that
is dear and valuable – to
perish for the want of food –

and boss that about sums up
the scene at valley forge

but the dream of freedom
overpowered the pits of
despair god answered
washington s every prayer
he gave a ragtag army
victory and set a nation
at liberty