Clovis schools celebrate music

Members of the Clovis High School Jazz band talk to local junior high school students about what it means to be part of a high schol band Friday at Marshall Junior High School. (CNJ staff photo: Eric Kluth)

By Leslie Radford: CNJ staff writer

Curry County Commissioner Tim Ashley said music has a special place in his life.

A former Clovis High choir member, Ashley said he remains a strong supporter of school music programs.

“(Music) was one of the biggest extra curricular activities I participated in during school,” Ashley said. “That’s where my fondest memories lie.

“Music, to me, is an effective means of communication.”

Ashley said music sets the tone of what a person is trying to express and that can impact a person’s thoughts and possibly, their behavior. “It affects your mood, your attitude — it’s a strong motivator.”

Monday kicked off the 27th Annual Music in Our Schools Week throughout the Clovis School district.

Music events will be held throughout the next two weeks including a Grand Concert on Thursday at Marshall Junior High auditorium featuring performances by the Elementary Ambassador Choir, Gattis Junior High Choir, Clovis High Chorale, Marshall Junior High varsity band, Clovis High Symphony Band and two jazz bands.

Clovis High assistant band director Keith Sacane said music has been a part of his life as long as he can remember.

“My dad taught me to whistle in the second grade, and I’m sure has regretted it every since,” said Sacane, who began band in the sixth grade on the trumpet.

He thinks music is important to a person’s development, citing a study he read about on how music develops the brain.

“Overall, music makes better students,” said Sacane, who has taught music at CHS for three years.

Clovis schools music coordinator Wayne Anderson said the annual event allows the students an opportunity to be recognized and perform in front of a large audiences.

“These kids prepare for weeks,” Anderson said. “It’s something they get excited about.”