Letters to the editor: President’s speech well-crafted, dishonest

I can’t stand it. Even as a liberal Democrat who despises most of President Bush’s agenda, he gave a beautifully crafted, feel-good speech to us earlier this month. With a couple of exceptions, everything he said could be agreed upon by almost anyone with a brain and a good heart: Democracy, peace, etc.

Of course the problem is his words do not match the actions of “his” administration. Good Republi-cans, take heed.

Bush wants to increase Pell grants for college students. Fine. Until you realize that he’s CUT pell grants for four years.

He wants to “give the troops what they need.” Fine, until you realize Donald Rumsfeld has denied our troops some of their most basic needs, including properly armored vehicles.

He says the U.S. will not “impose” our system of democracy upon other nations. … Hmmm. He’s done precisely that in Iraq. Who’s next?

The list is endless. Our president is a walking contradiction, saying one thing while doing almost the reverse. It’s as if he’s really only in charge of the grand rhetoric but not the reality of what they’re doing.

This is a sad chapter for our democracy.

I hope, and suspect, that tens of millions of Americans will in a few years wonder why they were duped into voting for a shrewd frat-boy president whose speech-written words soar with radiant, disingenuous dishonesty.

Kirby Rowan

CHS should look into webcasting
I grew up in Clovis and lived there from 1966 to 1979. I graduated from Clovis High School in 1975 and, until my mother passed away, I was an infrequent visitor.

I occasionally visit your newspaper’s Web site to find out how my old hometown is doing. I also keep track of Clovis High School football.

And that’s what I’m writing about: Wouldn’t it be nice if Clovis High School provided a webcast for sporting events or required any commercial radio station that it licenses for broadcast to provide a webcast?

I’m sure I’m not the only CHS alumni that would appreciate that. In fact, I’d be willing to pay a modest subscription fee if it were offered.

Al Sparks
Fairbanks, Alaska

Mail thieves loose in community
Clovis should beware of mail thieves.

Those who put their mail in the mailbox with the red flag up should know there are unscrupulous individuals who do not know or care that it is a crime to steal mail.

I live in Colonial Park and had my outgoing mail stolen out of my mailbox on a Saturday morning.

Nancy Goins