Letters to the editor: Morality doesn’t stop at the party line

I am one of those heathen Democrats that a couple of your readers have spoken of recently.

You know who we are … we “solicit support from homosexuals, and advocate same-sex marriages.”
We are “anti-war demonstrators” and “Hollywood and news-media liberals.”


When did Republicans corner the market on morality and decency? Why do Republicans think they’re the only ones who believe in God? And who said Democrats “want to eliminate God from every aspect of our personal, public and political lives?”

Thank God that Bush prays before making monumental decisions. Lord knows, he needs to. I just wish our president would listen to the Lord’s response before sending our children to war.

Connie Belcher

Good Samaritans still exist today

We would like for people to know there are still some good Samaritans among us. On Dec. 16th, a truck hauling cotton bales east on Texas Highway 86 caught fire. Some of the bales started several fires before coming to our residence. Our grass caught fire and started burning the yard, our pasture and the CRP land that is around our house.

A good Samaritan named Justin (that is all we know) from Clovis was headed to Lubbock to catch a plane for his sister’s wedding in Las Vegas. He was kind enough to knock on the door to see if anyone was home.

Our daughter and 13-month-old granddaughter were in the house and knew nothing of the fire. Justin was kind enough to take them away from danger and let our daughter use his cell phone to let her family know what was going on.

When we finally made it home, Justin was finally able to leave for Lubbock. He probably missed his plane, for which we are truly sorry. But we want to thank him for caring about other peoples’ lives and not driving on like nothing was happening.

Steve and Deborah Sharp
Tulia, Texas

Police need public relations liaison

Regarding Friday’s “Our Viewpoint:

I agree with everything you have said in regard to the lack of cooperation with Police Chief Bill Carey to inform the public of urgent issues regarding crime in this area. Your paper stated, “This week, Chief Carey said he is working on a way to address media relations on this question. We were glad to hear it, but this isn’t about media relations — it’s about public relations.”

I don’t understand why this would be such a difficult problem to solve. All it would require is a “public” relations person, to act as liaison between the police and the public (media). It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out, as most cities have a person in this capacity. It would allow Chief Carey to focus on the issues dealing with crime and not worry about what media should be informed first.

I would assume there is someone in the police department that could fill this position or one could be hired.

Nancy Gallagher