Letters to the Editor: Biblical knowledge only half battle

Rarely do I feel the need to respond to comments written to the editor, but I will this time. In regard to Carolyn Stag’s letter on Wednesday about a political cartoon suggesting Democrats have no biblical knowledge:

Stag questioned if President Bush (without the use of a teleprompter) would like to “take on” former President Clinton concerning biblical knowledge. Puuuhhhlease! I’m still trying to wipe the smirk off my face.

Biblical knowledge is nothing if it is not applied and lived according to the way the good Lord instructed us. Many people throughout history have had biblical knowledge, including Satan, Hitler and, yes, Bill Clinton.

However, most of us would agree that the majority of their actions did not reflect the application of this knowledge!

George W. Bush speaks openly about his faith in God. He is known to study his Bible each morning. He has publicly stated that he prays prior to making monumental decisions and is grateful to all those who pray for him.

Stag hopes the Democratic Party will not “pander” to religious groups to win the White House. Hmmmmm … Our country was founded on our belief in God. And yet our country’s moral and ethical values are crumbling each and every day because the liberal politicians (and others) want to eliminate God from every aspect of our personal, public and political lives.

I personally am proud that my president not only has biblical knowledge, but lives it.

Lu Ann Fillpot

All politicians have target audiences

Regarding Stag’s letter:
I am sure many Democrats, like Republicans, have a knowledge of the Bible. The difference between former President Clinton and President Bush may not be a knowledge of the Bible but seems to be the application of a knowledge of the Bible in one’s personal life.

As for the Republican’s “pandering” to religious groups, I think I’d rather be part of an organization that solicits support from religious organizations rather than one that solicits support from homosexuals, advocates of same-sex marriages, anti-war demonstrators, Holly-wood and news-media liberals.

Every political organization targets groups. I’m happy to be a Republican.

Karl D. Spence