Holiday spending surprises retailers

By David Irvin: CNJ staff writer

Positive thinking and confidence in the Clovis economy may have contributed to a strong holiday season for local retailers.

Local store owners and managers have seen a healthy bump in sales this month, and some are saying the perception of a strong Clovis economy may be part of the cause.

“I credit the overall local economy,” said Randy Dayhoff, who owns and operates Randy’s Shoes and Dayhoff’s Shoes Outlet on Main Street. He said this has been an especially strong December for Randy’s Shoes.

“This month really surprised me, how strong it was,” he said.

Tony Eisenbraun, store manager of Tarpley Music Company, said his sales have also been strong this season, better than last year.

“I think people just have a little more confidence that things are looking up, and people are a little more willing to spend money,” he said. “It appears that all sectors of the economy … seem to be doing well.”

Some businesses on Main Street aren’t having a record year, but are seeing strong numbers all the same.
Debbie Goldin, a manager at Main Street Antiques, said sales were down from last year, but still fairly strong.

She said her hand-knit clothing items and her husband’s hand-carved figurines sold very well this year at the store, which rents space for individual vendors to sell their products.

“People were looking more for handmade things, something with a personal touch,” she said.

Post-holiday shopping has been strong in Clovis and around the state.

The week after Christmas typically represents 10 percent of holiday sales, according to the National Retail Federation. Parking lots at many Albuquerque malls and stores were packed Sunday.

Clovis retailer Paul Tankersley said his clothing store, Tankersley’s, recorded strong sales Monday.

“People started coming in (Monday) and business was very brisk,” he said. “It looks like December is going to be one of our better Decembers.”

He said new businesses in the area and growing optimism about the Clovis economy may be driving strong sales this holiday season. On top of that, he believes consumers have more discretionary income this year.

Cindy Banister of North Plains Mall said foot traffic was about average this year. However, as of Friday many of her store managers were pleased with how the holiday retail season turned out.

The Associated Press contributed to the story.