Lots of good people doing good deeds

by David Stevens, Editor

We have good news — a lot of nice people are running around in the world, based on recent requests for readers to tell us about random acts of kindness they’ve witnessed.

Last Sunday, staff writer Ryan Lengerich put together a collection of stories detailing nice things people do for one another. One woman brought food to election workers. An 89-year-old man routinely cuts his neighbors’ grass. A woman crochets blankets for a local nursing home.

Those published stories have produced more reports. Here are two that brought a smile:

• A woman who asked not to be identified told of her recent trip to make donations at the Lighthouse Mission.
After dropping off her donations, she saw a woman with a small child waiting to receive assistance from mission workers. “I like to give people money when I see they need help,” she said. And so she passed some bills to the waiting mother.

Then the good Samaritan received a gift in return.

“This little girl, she must have been about 3, she just smiled and reached out and she gave me a dollar,” she said.

• And Elsie Trantham expressed kind words for several area residents in a letter.

“I got myself in the hospital,” she wrote, “and there I met a nurse (named) Joy Williams. She took good care of me even after I came home. She called me all the time and made sure I was not in need.

“One night, kinda late, I got terribly sick. I called Joy Williams to see what to do. She was here in a few minutes and took me to the emergency room and stayed with me.”

When she visited Trantham’s home, Williams noticed there were no Christmas decorations.

“Next day, she was here with all sorts of goodies and decorated my home for Christmas,” Trantham wrote.
Trantham also had kind words for Pat Owen of Farwell who drove her to doctors’ appointments and helped her follow doctors’ instructions.

She said Owen is also a good candy maker. “Wish you could get on her list,” she wrote.

• • •

We often hear a lot of whining when we send a photographer to cover a big news event, then end up publishing only one or two photos.

The newspaper photographer, of course, is usually the one doing the whining.

No more.

The Clovis News Journal last week added a “Photo Extras” link on our Web site. Now we have a place to publish news photos that don’t make the paper.

The Web site is at www.cnjonline.com

The new link is on the left side under “Web Exclusives.”

• • •

How do you like the CNJ’s weekday comics? Time for a change? Or would lives be devastated in the event “Cats with Hands” or some other funny suddenly disappeared?
Next month, we’re planning to ask readers what they think.

A committee of about 10 readers has been formed to help us determine which comics are most popular and which ones would not be missed if they were replaced. The committee met on Wednesday and decided the first step is to produce a survey and ask readers to rank their favorites.
The survey will be published as a full-page Sunday spread, probably on Jan. 9.

David Stevens is editor for Freedom Newspapers of New Mexico. He can be contacted at 1-800-819-9925. His e-mail address is: