Readers enjoy Christmas parade (mostly)

Reader Reaction

A recent Project: Reader Reaction question asked for reviews on Saturday’s Christmas parade down Clovis’ Main Street. Some responses:
“I REALLY ENJOYED THE parade, but there was one float preaching on a very loud speaker to ‘admit your sins and come to Jesus Christ.’ I am a Christian and I attend church regularly as I feel everyone should, but I don’t appreciate being yelled at to repent and come to Jesus Christ — I already have in the way I was raised. Christmas is celebrating the birth of Christ as everyone knows. They don’t need it jammed down their throats during a joyful parade.

“I am also disappointed that the floats can’t toss candy to the children anymore. I can understand the reasoning, but I just watched the Amarillo Christmas Light Parade and they were still tossing candy. Can we please find a way to keep that tradition?

“I enjoyed the children in the parade and all the bands and glee clubs. Thank you Clovis, for a grand start to the Christmas season.”

— Ardyth Elms

“I AM SURE THAT everyone who watches the Christmas parade enjoys it. I think it should have the birth of our Christ as its theme.” 
— Mac McDonald

“THE CHRISTMAS PARADE WAS nice except for the sermon coming from one float. If I wanted to hear that sermon I would attend their church. The parade was directed toward our young people as it should have been. I believe that most parents want their children to attend church with them.”
— John Frey

“I THOUGHT THE PARADE was very good. It had a lot of entries, and the Potter’s House was not blaring as it used to. I thought that was good on their part, and a thanks to them for doing it. The lights on some of the floats and trucks was good and I know a lot of hard work went into doing them. My thanks to all those who took the time to enter.”
— Dan Toledo

“I THOUGHT THE PARADE was nice. It needed a little more organization because there were long delays between some of the floats, which made it kinda boring. I’m just glad it wasn’t that cold so we made the best of it and enjoyed it.”
— Steve Gershon

“THE PARADE WAS NICE and the people enjoyed it. They need to run the floats a little closer together instead of spacing them out like they did. Can’t say I totally agree with the judges, but of course that’s just me.”
— Charles Hemphill

“I ENJOYED THE PARADE this year: nice weather, very good floats. Thanks to the Potter’s House for turning off their speaker when they reached 12th Street. I could actually hear the Harleys when they came by!”
— Joe Christopherson