Classical orchestra will peform in Clovis

The conductor of Polish Philharmonic Resovia chose 35 of 100 members to tour in the United States. The group plays in Clovis tonight.

By Tova Fruchtman: CNJ staff writer

At a recent rehearsal, members of the Clovis Community Orchestra tried to remember the last time they’ve seen the music of Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert performed in Clovis.

That’s why they were excited to hear the Polish Philharmonic Resovia would be playing in Clovis tonight, said Lemuel Perry, a violin player.

“It’s just having an orchestra come that’s intriguing for us,” Perry said. “I think it can raise the cultural awareness, and plus it’s great music.”

The Polish Philharmonic Resovia will perform tonight at Marshall auditorium in the last week of their one month tour of the United States.

Last year, when a promotional group in New York invited the Polish Philharmonic Resovia, a group founded in 1955 to tour the United States, conductor Tadeusz Wojciechowski chose 14 out of about 100 musicians who play with group in Poland to perform in America for the first time.

Natalia Pietkiewicz, the Polish Philharmonic Resovia’s tour manager, said this year 35 musicians from Resovia had the opportunity to tour America.

According to the program, the night’s performance begins with Wolfgang Amadeaus Mozart’s “Eine kleine Nachtsmusik,” a piece originally written for a string quintet, but now performed by larger groups. Next, the group will perform “il barbiere di Siviglia,” by Gioacchion Rossini, a piece composed in just three weeks.

Benjamin Britten’s “Simple Symphony,” based entirely on material he wrote between the ages of 9 and 12, will be the next piece, followed by Franz Shubert’s “Symphony No. 3 in D Major,” one of nine completed symphonies Schubert wrote in his life time, though in his dying weeks he attempted to write a final symphony.

The program concludes with Ludwig Van Beethoven’s “Symphony No. 2 in D Minor,” written in Vienna at a time when the famous composer was troubled by his deteriorating hearing.

“If the audience is willing to listen a little longer, there will be an encore,” Pietkiewicz said. “In most of the places I think the audience is very pleased.”

The group has performed in Chicago, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida and North Carolina.

“It’s a wonderful experience because they have this opportunity to play, but they can see the different places,” Pietkiewicz, a native of Warsaw, Poland, said.

Pietkiewicz said they enjoyed seeing the Great Lakes in Michigan and are looking forward to seeing the Grand Canyon.

In one town, Pietkiewicz said, they received a key to the city, and sometimes during a performance audience members will shout,

“I’m from Poland, too.”

The Clovis performance will be different, since the conductor Wojciechowski was called home to Poland for an emergency and one of the violinists will be conducting the group.

According to a biography from the Polish Philharmonic Resovia, the substitute conductor Robert Nasciszewski has been assistant conductor for the Polish Philharmonic Resovia for many years, and is a protege of Wojciechowski.

“It’s always different to play under someone else, but they’ve known each other for a long time, so they trust each other,” Pietkiewicz said. “He does very well.”