Police Blotter: 11-7-04

Samplings of recent calls received by Clovis-area law enforcement officers, according to reports:

Police responded Oct. 22 to the 1800 block of Gerry Drive in reference to a domestic dispute.

The male complainant said his ex-wife had driven to the residence with their three children so he could see his son one last time before they moved to Albuquerque. He then said she was causing problems and would not leave.

Police could smell alcohol on the breath of the woman, and they asked her if she had been drinking. She said yea, but that she was okay to drive. She subsequently failed several field sobriety tests and was placed in custody.

She was transported to the Curry County Adult Detention Center where a breathalyzer test was performed on her. Upon seeing the results, she said, “So, I’m going to be charged with DWI, huh?”

The officer advised that she would have to take the test two or three more times before that could be determined. She said, “Well, .19 is more than .08, so I guess I am.”

She pleaded with the officer to change the results, but he wouldn’t. The officer told her she would be booked on aggravated DWI, and three counts of child abuse for driving intoxicated with her children in the vehicle.


Police were dispatched Nov. 2 to the 400 block of Mercury Place in reference to a fight in progress. While in route to the call, police were told the caller had moved to the 700 block of South Prince Street, where they arrive a few minutes later.

The caller said he and his brother were in a fight over an issue of respect. The caller said his brother came after him with a and struck him with it.

He said his brother grabbed him by the throat and started punching him. Moments later his brother came at him with a snow shovel and proceeded to strike his brother twice — once in the back of the head and once in the ribs — at which point the caller’s children helped him from the ground and they left the premises.

Back at the scene of the fight, police observed the pallet and shovel on the ground, and caught up with the assailant. He was promptly arrested and taken to the adult detention center.


Police responded Nov. 2 to the 200 block of Gary Street and made contact with the complainant who said her back window had been hit by BB gun fire.

She advised police that over the past two weeks an unknown shooter had hit her window six times with BB gun fire.

The officer observed seven BB holes in the window. The complainant said she heard running in the alley immediately after the window was hit last.

The officer observed a child’s footprints in the snow leading west through the alley. Case is active.

Police blotter is compiled by CNJ staff writer David Irvin. He can be contacted at 763-6991 or: